Who we are

At Arcofrigo, we are committed to providing the best industrial air conditioning and ventilation solutions for both public and private enterprises. We not only supply high-quality equipment but also offer post-sales assistance and infrastructure maintenance, ensuring that indoor air quality is always at its highest level. Our highly skilled and experienced team is ready to meet all your industrial air conditioning and ventilation needs, providing you with a comfortable and secure environment.

A bit of our history

The company was established in 1987 as a sole proprietorship under the individual entrepreneur (António Chora) until 1999.

From that time onward, it assumed the corporate name ARCOFRIGO, LDA and maintains a permanent technical team with experts in various specialties and extensive experience. Since that date, the company has been operating in the field of Building Technical Installations, leveraging the previous experience of its technicians.

  • 2021 - Acquisition of a new warehouse
  • 2000 - Acquisition of an adjacent warehouse
  • 1995 - Acquisition of the current facilities in Rio Maior
  • 1990 - Change to Arcofrigo, Lda
  • 1987 - Commencement of activity in the name of António Chora


To provide differentiated products that ensure the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, building stable and lasting partnerships.


To be recognized as a reference company in the sector of Sales and Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment.

Quality Policy

We have defined a Quality Policy with the aim of achieving our clients' objectives, prioritizing compliance with requirements from the perspective of continuous improvement of the QMS.

Thus, the implemented Quality Policy is based on the following principle:

    - Increase customer and employee satisfaction considering the organization's reality and ensure continuous improvement of the quality management system;
    - Increase productivity and the performance level of work processes;
    - Ensure the profitability of the company and customer loyalty, reflecting on the organization's needs and improving the services provided and the quality of materials;
    - Invest in new products that have the potential to be market leaders;
    - Ensure that the quality policy is communicated at all levels and understood by all;
    - Enable continuous training for our employees;
    - Respect the environment;
    - Ensure compliance with requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the QMS;
    - Proceed with the review of the Policy to keep it suitable for the company.
In this way, the Quality Policy is assumed as an integral part of the overall company policy, with its directions and objectives fostered by Management, prioritizing compliance with requirements from the perspective of continuous improvement of the QMS.


António Chora - Partner/Manager

Lurdes Veiga - Partner